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What Gun Owners Think About the NRA

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Last week, I reported with Peter Stone on the increasing personal and financial ties between the gun industry and the National Rifle Association, a relationship that was sealed in a fight to shield gun shops and manufactures from liability lawsuits.

"Your fight has become our fight," then-NRA president Charlton Heston declared before a crowd of gun company executives at the annual SHOT Show, the industry's biggest trade show [in 1999]. "Your legal threat has become our constitutional threat," he said.

After the story ran, I blogged about my own experience with guns and asked gun owners on Twitter what they think about the NRA's stance.

Though hardly a scientific survey, most felt the NRA was way out-of-step with the interests of typical gun owners:

The Smoking Ape
I consider myself an average gun owner who hunts and pops off a few rounds at a range. The NRA is on a different planet than I.

No Ben it does not. I too am a gun owner and I don't feel they are a good representative of me or the gun owning population.

Bob Orshak
grew up w/guns, a family of hunters, I participated in competitive target shooting. The is delusional & useless.

Harrison Democrat
As a gun owner, I have never agreed w/ the NRA. They distort what gun owners think. We should ignore them.

Ben Aguilar
The NRA represents NO ONE except for the companies that rake in billions each year from gun and ammo sales

There was also a contingent who felt that while the NRA may go too far at times, the organization is a necessary bulwark against a federal government eager to take away their rights:

Chris Long
the nra is too far right. But when it comes to this, the enemy if my enemy is my friend. Even if they are a bit misguided.

Sean Heneghan
I'm not an NRA member. I am a legal gun owner. The NRA is not in line with my exact views but its the only voice we have

king of dudes
I grew up with guns in Canada. I believe if it wasn't for organizations like the NRA we wouldn't be able to hunt or shoot now.

Phillip Hosey
NRA reps gun manufacturers, not us gun owners, tho their efforts indirectly benefit us, its not their motive

Not every group is a fit for every person. The NRA has made some missteps in my lifetime but ultimately they fight for rights.

And finally, there were a handful of totally bizarre responses, including one from a gun owner who suggested that hammers were more lethal than guns. He deleted his tweet, apparently, but here is a response:

No Way NRA
How many innocent children have been killed by one hammer in a matter of minutes? You assertion is not logical!