04/11/2013 01:05 pm ET Updated Apr 11, 2013

The Messi of Poker

While his native Italy spars daily with a souffle' of debt, Flaminio Malaguti stays very much in the black. A favored fixture at the poker tables of his adoptive Las Vegas, Malaguti holds four all-time records, completed in the calendar year of 2012. He had 51 cashes in the money, 20 of which were first places, 39 final tables and 15 cashes in a single month, all obtained on Las Vegas territory. Records he cherishes, next to those of his idol and fellow recordman Lionel Messi of Barcelona (who scored an all-time high 91 goals in the calendar year 2012).

Mr.Malaguti's 2013 is already off to an auspicious start with 2 first places. When not working the poker tables, Ferrara-born Malaguti , operates his Zinger's Rock & Roll Café, the only official karaoke bar on the Strip. The venue is uncharacteristically undersized for LV, and after midnight Malaguti serves a fierce carbonara pasta for Family & Friends. The walls of the bar, ensconced in the Hawaiian Marketplace right across the street from the cyclopean City Center, are blanketed with pictures of notables that have crossed his path. Like Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Michael Phelps, and Adam Sandler. Fellow poker players Jennifer Harmon and Marco Traniello-And hybrid shark-thespian Jennifer Tilly. The Rock & Roll Café' is located at 3743 South Las Vegas Boulevard.