12/18/2013 11:50 am ET Updated Feb 17, 2014

Every Conversation at a Party

Do you watch the currently popular prestige drama that everyone's always talking about? Oh, you're still catching up. Where are you? Only on season two? Man. Wait til you get to season three. Season three is definitely the best. Honestly, I'm jealous of you. I wish I got to watch season three again for the first time, with fresh eyes.

I feel like it was still finding its footing in season one. I was on the fence for maybe the first four, five episodes. Funny to think, but I actually thought it was a little boring back then. I even thought about giving up, but everyone kept saying, "Give it time. It takes a while to find its rhythm." Totally true. My girlfriend and I are totally obsessed now. It's like a weekly routine for us -- we make popcorn, invite a few people over, come up with themed cocktails, the whole deal. It's corny, but fun. I even read all the recaps and everything. They're kind of a time suck, but sometimes the writers point out things I hadn't thought of. Themes, motifs, stuff like that. Ok, I admit it -- sometimes I just want my opinion to be validated by someone on the Internet. But sometimes I do learn something.

God, it's just the best show. What they do in 48 minutes with storytelling, with cinematography, and... you know, the music is underrated. Great music in that show. Each episode could stand on its own as a mini-movie, I think. It's better than like 90 percent of movies out of there.

I'd say it's up there with the best shows of all time. What do you think? Top five? Top three? Definitely top five. I guess you have to evaluate these things a few years after they're off the air.

How do you watch it, on Netflix? I started watching it on DVDs, and then it was on Netflix, but then they took it off Netflix. But then it was on Hulu for a little while. Then they took it off that, but you can still get it on Hulu Plus or iTunes. Or On Demand if you still have cable. Right, you don't, I figured. Do you have this new Chromecast thing? You can watch Netflix from your phone and you just need an HDMI connection. Oh, you have Roku. Well then, no need for that then. Cool.

But seriously, season three. Good God. What's your favorite season? Well, I guess you only have two to choose from so far. But I'd say it goes season three, then one, then four, then six, then two, then five. Actually, five might be better than two. Some people say one is the best. There's definitely a valid argument to be made there, but I have to disagree. Like I said, I think it was still finding its footing in one.

Five isn't bad, it's just a little wacky. I'll just say that some of the characters do things that aren't entirely consistent with the things they were doing before, which rubbed some people the wrong way. I personally didn't have a problem with it. And season six is shaping up really well.

So, Syria sounds pretty fucked.