Since we launched Best Weekend Ever way back in April, hundreds of you have submitted photographs of your weekend activities. Readers, you've apparently done it all: traveled to India, met Bruce Springsteen, gone skydiving, cooked delicious meals, tried new things and started new life chapters. You participated in Color Runs, 5Ks, triathlons and half-marathons, obstacle courses -- we're tired, humbled and also envious just thinking about it.

Choosing our favorites from all of the photos you've shared with us was extremely difficult, but we finally reached a consensus. Here are your photos of what certainly look like the 12 best weekends EVER.

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  • Heather Arias de Cordoba, April 15th

    I spent the weekend hiking Zion National Park, the Grand Canyon and Sedona with my family. Best weekend ever!

  • Mary Seckman, May 13th

    A reunion at the races @ Steeplechase in Nashville, TN

  • Farrah Chanda Aslam, May 19th

    My sister and I attended a cherry blossom painting workshop. The top right hand is me working on my canvass and the bottom is a snapshot of the workshop attendee's work.

  • Laura, Katie, Kelsea and Kara Mullaly, June 9th

    Purgatory Road Race, Sutton, MA with my three daughters-Katie(20), Kelsea(18), Kara(15). It was hot, hilly & hard!

  • Lisa McClain-Freeney, August 27th

    Weekend Fun In The Sun: Scott Cameron Beach/Hampton Bay in The Hamptons

  • Lucia Agosta, September 23rd

    First day of alligator season in South Louisiana.

  • Maria Lamarca Anderson, September 3rd

    I led a group to the summit of Second Burroughs, elev 7400'. It's the site of one of the best - and closest - views of Mt. Rainier, in the background. It was a glorious day of wildflowers, stunning views, great exercise and fabulous friends!

  • Maureen Gee, October 1st

    My daughter is getting married next weekend and we had the mehndi this weekend. We are Christian and her fiancee's family is Hindu, so there will be 2 weddings, both next Saturday. This picture is of the henna-decorated hands of the bride, her mom (me) and her aunt (my sister).

  • Clarissa Laskey, October 8th

    Spent time admiring my daughter!

  • Judy Christie, November 4th

    Every year: First weekend of November ten women friends who graduated from Baylor University in 1978 get together for our annual Funfest. This weekend we gathered at a lake house in Tool, Texas. One of our traditions is to each being our favorite book of the year for a swap. Part of group this year shown here. We all tell our stories of the year -- 3 daughter weddings ahead; a novel published (dedicated to this group); a brand-new grandbaby: a son just off to Afghanistan; a serious illness and more. Life with old friends!

  • Aidee Douglas, November 18th

    Acro yoga.

  • Ayana Lateef, December 10th

    Here I am at Chicago's Sky Deck.