09/15/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Dear Mr. President

Dear President Clinton;

Sir with all due respect, (and given your recent behavior I am not certain that much is due), I am writing to ask you to stop obsessing with the notion that "we" think you are a racist. "We" don't think you are a racist. You can let that one go, Sir. Find a new reason to throw a tantrum, betray your party, lower yourself in our esteem, but the "racist card?" Old news ... wasn't really news to begin with. We know that you are not a racist ... if anything we credit you as one of the great bridge builders across the racial divide that once scarred our landscape. We think well of you for the most part, so get over it!!!

See the thing is, Mr. Clinton ... it is not about you. This is what you cannot seem to grasp. This is about a country in turmoil ... a country in real danger of losing its way. This is about us plain old Americans ... we the little people, (who do not think you are a racist). We are working here. We are trying to elect a leader who can chart a new course, a way out of this national hell. We are coming together we pesky little people, Yellow dogs, Blue Dogs and Indies are linking arms with Obamacans. Folks of every color, creed, and religious persuasion are standing together in this election because we know the jig is up, because we know that our very survival may depend upon it. We are prepared to compromise and most of us are willing to sacrifice time, money, and even our beloved identity politics.

And where are you in all of this? Bill Clinton the once great leader of the free world is whining about being misunderstood. You are sitting on the pity pot and pitching a big ol' pout. You are standing up for yourself and yourself alone when so many are down. Do you really want to be the guy who put his ego before the good of the people he once cared deeply about? The guy who blocked the light because it did not shine brightly enough in his direction?

Mr. President, you are missing the point. You are not the problem, nor are you the solution. Your hurt feelings are not a matter of national concern. There are folks out there who cannot afford to take their kid to a doctor. There are folks out there who are being forced to choose between gas and food. There are folks out there who are heartsick about our government's actions both at home and abroad. People are suffering, people are outraged, and this person is sick of you behaving like a petulant child.

The republican leadership is not exactly enamored of John McCain. Many of them are holding their noses, but they are at least adult enough to hold their tongues. They are not sure of their candidate's stance on anything and the fact that his stance changes every five minutes is not helping matters. They have a candidate that would make me want to take a hammer to my head.. Are they whining to the press? Are they playing cute with the media and refusing to resoundingly endorse their man on the ticket? No. They are playing ball and I respect them for it.

Many of us have worked tirelessly for the last eight years to reclaim the House and Senate. We have fought the Bush administration with every weapon of democracy and while we have lost most of the battles, we have kept our eye on winning the war ... we have petitioned, written letters, marched in the streets, given money we did not have, and time we could not spare. We have forced ourselves to look at the horrors of war and to admit to war crimes. The images of a planet in peril haunt our waking hours and assault our sleep. We have fought back tears and swallowed Maalox by the gallon and we are not giving up now. If we allowed ourselves to give in to exhaustion we would fall into a heap, but we will not give in. Hope is alive in us and so is daring and an incurable optimism about America and the great goodness of its people

Your wife is an amazing person and we are grateful for her presence and we thank you too for all that you have done in the past. We love you both, but we will not surrender this nation to Rovian rule on your account. You will not be returned to glory in 2012

It is time for you to return the love we have given you in great abundance through the years. It is time for you to see us for the great brave generous people we are. We have prayed with and for you and now we pray that you will return our faith.

We need you Mr. President, but we will fight on with or without your help. We will keep the faith with or without your prayers.

We nominated Barack Obama, a fine man who embodies the ideals that inhabit every vein and muscle and fiber of your being. We did not do what you wanted, but we did you proud. We are an extraordinary group of people, your Democrats. You should know, we were once wild enough and brave enough and smart enough to take a chance on a young man no one had ever heard of from some place called Hope.