02/19/2012 06:51 pm ET | Updated Apr 20, 2012

Flawed Inspiration

I have flaws. I am certainly not a perfect woman. There are a lot of things that I do not like about myself and no amount of plastic surgery is ever going to fix them. For example, I have a birthmark on my bum that I hate. I don't have the time to work out quite as much as I would like. My eyebrows are tattooed on. I like carbs and I eat dessert. I have a mouth like a sailor when I get angry. And yes, I sometimes like to wear my jammies all day long. In fact, sometimes I don't even take my hair out of a ponytail all day long. But, you know what? I don't care. I don't care if the outside world doesn't see me as the perfect shining example of statuesque beauty and poise. I'm fine with that. I like who I am and who I plan to become.

The fact is that we are, more often than not, much harder on ourselves than anyone else is. In my experience, men and women often believe that being attractive on the outside has something to do with being attractive on the inside. More importantly, I feel most men and women focus on their flaws and imperfections rather than seeing the strength and power they can obtain from those exact character traits. It may be surprising to some, but in my world -- the one of adult entertainment -- it isn't necessarily the prettiest, most silicone injected, silhouette of perfection that rakes in all the cash. Personality, character and interesting trademarks are the important factors in that equation.

In the realm of legal prostitution, the women who have the most loyal clientele are the down to Earth, every day women who are confident to be in the bodies they own. They are fine with the fact that they may laugh a little too loud, have imperfections and maybe even weigh a pound or two over the 110 lbs that everyone in "Supermodel Land" seems to think is the ideal. It is assumed that the lady with the most perfect body is the most coveted and sought after, when the reality of the situation is that our personalities and differences are what get noticed most. Our clientele openly acknowledges that these are the things that catch their attention, put them at ease and make them feel comfortable.

I like to use the word "empowered" a lot. As far as many of my friends are concerned, I use it a bit too much. I enjoy sharing my views on positive goal setting and empowerment with just about anyone who will listen. The definition of the word empowerment, at least according to the dictionary of Beth, is simple. Once we accept who we are and become comfortable in our own skin, we can then begin to transform into the person we want to be. Acceptance of what some may view as imperfections allows us to become comfortable with ourselves and begin to disregard the opinions of others, which in turn allows goal setting and achievement an easier and even a more welcomed challenge. We don't have to be perfect in order to achieve perfection. Everyone has a different ideology of what perfect is and all too often we allow influences such as friends, media or even self esteem issues to dictate what we think are supposed to be.

Human beings are insecure creatures by nature. No one wants to feel less pretty, less handsome, less attractive. I've said it a million times,"be proud of who you are, empower yourself to achieve the success that you deserve." That success starts with accepting who you are, embracing your flaws and finding the perfection within your imperfections. By living up to your full potential and focusing on what is right, above what is wrong, life will become as beautiful as you are.