05/03/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A Digi-Dud Does DigiGirlz Day At Microsoft and Loves It!

Microsoft for dummies? That's me and you can bet this dummy dragged her Roger Vivier patent leather shoes very reluctantly over to spend a day with 75 high school girls — all of whom got a get-out-of-school-free card to learn about the tech field and why they should consider it in their future. Of course I was the oldest in the class and quite possibly my future is behind me but nonetheless with the economy teaching us to be flexible I may need Microsoft to hire me... and that, my friends, would be the end of the company.

How bad could spending the day with smart seniors be when I zeroed in on the Dunkin' Donuts boxes with their rainbow assortment of chocolate sprinkled and oozing banana crème carbo supply and Rachael Ray approved coffee — I am so not a Starbucks kind of gal. On those two facts alone, I knew Microsoft was my kind of office (I had a clue as to what was ahead when I was technically unable to open the coffee container and had to be assisted by one of the kids).

It was obvious the Microsoft attending staff knew a baby boomer was present and they coddled me much as I would with an elderly relative. In truth, where tech stuff is involved, I am dud level; my ears shut down, I start to giggle and memories of my high school years at the Brearley School drift back where I was not exactly a stellar student — as I recall my fourth grade math teacher told me her poodle could count better than me.

This is year three of the Microsoft New York office inviting girls in to learn that geek is good and that you don't have to go into programming to work in technology. What amazed me was learning they hire people to test the toys — playing Xbox all day and getting a paycheck?? In truth, I was kind of into the programming part since it's way cool.

We got to see the new Microsoft toys like the $15,000 Surface which looks like a coffee table loaded with deliciously programmed software you work by touching; the Surface ripples like water (get it) and can be programmed for corporations or hospitals or individuals (I see a new Neiman Marcus must-have gift coming up once Gordon Gecko is released from jail and greed is good again). I got to ask what the word "Cloud" meant so I can throw that term around -- but just don't press me because the depth of my knowledge is really best used at cocktail parties.

I kind of flunked Windows Vista Movie Making and picture album class but raised my hand to tell Tobey the teacher how much I loved the Microsoft television commercial with the 4 year old downloading pictures of her fish, Dorothy. Effective advertising I'd say although Tobey was probably wondering why my question was relevant to our class project.

We had a mobile phone class and learned about smart phones and how the defense department loads them with medical information for soldiers in the field and it was breathtaking — it's so all about the phone going forward! Landlines beware.

I was absolutely filled with enthusiasm as I headed into my final class about online security and safety but skipped out when I realized no predator would want me anymore and I've been taught to not put anything in an email you don't want either haunting you in cyberspace or being read by your boyfriend's wife — the last part is my personal reason for being cautious.

So what did I learn in DigiGirlz school today? I learned in another life, I could be a good girl geek, but, that truly the best way for me to have Microsoft in my future is to buy the stock — ticker symbol MSFT. So with my smart phone I speed dialed my broker.