12/13/2010 08:16 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Give Good Art: Gift Ideas from ForYourArt (PHOTOS)

Just in time for the holiday season, ForYourArt is asking some of our favorite places to give us a few suggestions for great gift ideas: $12.50-$12,000.

Stencils, Stockings, and Art Kit from Kimmel Kids
Pick from A + R

Los Feliz artist Karen Kimmel has transitioned her art performances and social sculptures (MOCA Chicago, Barbican in London, Scottsdale Museum of Fine Art in Arizona, and Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions; and commissions for Fendi and Ferragamo) into an outreach program which began Creative Grows in Oakland with the adult artists there and has expanded to children of all walks of life. Her stencil sets are beautiful, and this holiday she introduced Limited Edition holiday stockings that are roomy enough to hold her Ultimate Kit and more!

A Novel by Tom McCarthy
Pick from Art Catalogues

Hardcover, 310pp. Signed by the author.

Beaded animals, penguins, dolls, and pigs
Pick from Art Catalogues

Handmade in South Africa, at a nonprofit income-generating organization that focuses on women's economic empowerment and health development in the most economically under-resourced areas of South Africa.

Philippe Parreno: Films 1987-2010
Serpentine Gallery

This fully illustrated monograph focuses on Parreno's extensive work in film from his emergence as a major artist in the 1990s to the present day, and features essays by Michael Fried, Nicolas Bourriaud and Dorothea von Hantelmann touching on themes including cinema, authenticity and the everyday. The book is produced in conjunction with a major exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery (25 November - 13 February) presenting a sequence of Parreno's most recent films, including the premiere of InvisibleBoy, 2010.

Anish Kapoor: Turning the World Upside Down
Pick from the Serpentine Gallery

Serpentine Gallery exhibition catalogue
The first monograph focusing on the mirrored or reflective stainless-steel sculptures within Kapoor's oeuvre, this catalogue includes stunning installation images of the sculptures presented in Kensington Gardens (28 September 2010-13 March 2011). An interview with the artist by Julia Peyton-Jones and Hans Ulrich Obrist accompanies essays by Darian Leader and Marcus du Sautoy. Published by Koenig Books.

Tanya Aguiniga's Rope and Wool jewelry
Pick from A + R

Out of her studio in Atwater Village, Tanya Aguiñiga skins prosaic metal folding chairs in felt (which have been a coveted gallery favorite), sleeves fluorescent tubes in rope and knots cotton rope and wool lace into jewelry that gained her place in the recent California Design Biennial. Raised in Tijuana, Tanya's work is informed by border experiences and she remains politically active through her art, this summer having spent weeks in Chiapas developing textiles as a fundraising product for the Mayan community there. She also teaches furniture design at Otis.

Drawing by Dave Eggers

Pick from Gracie at the Santa Monica Museum of Art

Dave Eggers's first collection of drawings; Most of these works are of unusual mammals, most often accompanied by slogans with ancient, heroic, or just plain odd overtones. This full-color package is a combination of 26 large-sized prints and an accompanying booklet.

Gifts from Shari Elf

Pick from Gracie at the Santa Monica Museum of Art

Shari Elf is currently the featured artist at the Gracie Holiday Store. Her work is created from found objects and she lists the 'ingredients' i.e. "scrabble tiles from yard sale, beads from broken neckace, spool found in desert, etc..." She has created over 120 original art works that are being offered for sale. They currently cover the walls and Shari will be adding new works as they sell out.

The Open Daybook
Pick from Art Catalogues

A compilation of original artwork and a functional perpetual calendar, edited by David P. Earle. Over the course of a single year, 365 artists were assigned a date and given 24 hours to create a work of art. Each day is a page in the book. The design of every dated page allows users to record their life and engage artistically with contributors as diverse as Miranda July, Alexandra Grant, Chris Johanson, Jill Greenberg and Aaron Rose.

Fashioning Fashion: European Dress in Detail, 1970-1919
Pick from Art Catalogues

Sharon Sadako Takeda and Kaye Durland Spilker, New York, 2010.

Nature Study: Louise Bourgeois and John Hutton Balfour
Pick from Art Catalogues

John Noltie, Phillip Larratt-Smith, New York, 2008.
Two hardcover volumes in slipcase. Recent works on paper by Louise Bourgeois and botanical teaching diagrams made in the mid-nineteenth century by various artists for John Hutton Balfour (1808-1884).

Angela Rossi Altered Animal Plates

Pick from Gracie at the Santa Monica Museum of Art

Angela Rossi is an independent, outsider artist, based in Los Angeles. She works with recycled materials giving new life to forgotten items. Her Altered Animal Plates are whimsical and wonderful. This John Maddock & Sons Ivoryware plate marked with a crown, features a lovely bold floral motif surrounding the elegant tuxedo clad white tiger. This can be used for dining and serving, washing by hand recommended to preserve picture quality.

Walter De Maria: Seen Unseen/Known Unknown
Pick from Art Catalogues

Forward by Fukutake Soichiro, text by Akimoto Yuji, Naoshima Contemporary Art Museum, 2002.
27 very good color images of 18 sculptures and installations, including images of the site-specific installation at Benesse House.

My Sister's Art Jewelry

Pick from Gracie at the Santa Monica Museum of Art

My Sister's Art was founded by Margaret Nowak Dobos in February 2010. The line features the artistic rubber jewelry designs of her sister, Kathleen Nowak Tucci. The line, photographed by world renown photographer Steven Meisel, was featured on the cover of the 2010 August Issue of Italian Vogue and in four editorial spread photographs.
Kay necklace $340
Katharine Earrings $80

Gazoor's Organic Felt Animals
Pick from A + R

Under the name Gazoor, Iris Savir crafts this collection of animals from organic felt and stuffing and uses internal wire inside the body to support different poses. For inspiration, the artist, who splits her time between Silverlake and Israel, studies the habits and motions of animals in their natural habitats. They are beautiful and intended for play.

Wonderland Candleholders

Pick from Gracie at the Santa Monica Museum of Art

Wonderland candleholders conjure a surreal Alice in Wonderland world of escape. Fashioned from a deft balancing act of figurines that support a candle holder atop the stack, cast from ornaments found by designer Stephen Johnson. Wonderland illustrates how design can fulfill emotional needs like fantasy, nostalgia, and humor. Choose from Branch in Wonderland or Horse in Wonderland, both in Matte White 100% recycled aluminum
$84 each

Vuk Vidor's Art History silk scarf

Pick from Gracie at the Santa Monica Museum of Art

The prize for the best art history goes without doubt to Vuk Vidor, an artist from Belgrade working in Paris. His mural called 'Art History' is a list; on each line he links an artist to his/her cultural impact in three words. he writes "Mondrian owns Geometry", "Pollock owns Drippings", "Warhol owns Pop", "Botero owns Fat" and "Munch owns Despair. The "Art History' is now a 100% Georgette silk scarf with hand rolled edges . Produced by the Australian company Third Drawer Down in 2009 as a signed Edition of 500. 95cm x 95cm.

Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa, SANAA: Limited Edition Print
Serpentine Gallery

Jean-Michel Basquiat - Plate
Pick from the Gagosian Shop

Limoges Porcelain; Produced by Ligne Blanche, Paris.

Cast of Vices jewelry
Pick from A + R

This line of carefully cast and hand-finished solid silver and gold jewelry by the Venice duo known as Cast of Vices are effigies of the detritus that wreaks pleasure and pain in our modern world. "When our Rome falls, these will be our remains," say the Los Angeles-based Chris Glancy and Jay LeCompte (a.k.a. Jay the Jeweler), "cigarette butts, pills, bottle caps. The fly symbolizes the stench of our addictions." Beauty from rubbish. This holiday, they introduced a Limited Edition collection of sterling silver flies with turquoise bums.

This special Limited Edition set of four prints are based on the stylised computer drawings of Sejima and Nishizawa's design for the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2009. The playful images reveal the distinctive shape of the structure, which the architects describe as 'floating aluminium, drifting freely between the trees like smoke'.
£65.22 per print, or £173.91 for set of 4 prints

Brooks Salzwedel Belts and Buckles
Pick from A + R

Silverlake artist Brooks Salzwedel's work has been selling out at his shows in the last couple of years, from L.A. to the U.K. He first began making the belts (dupes of his original charcoal work) as a way to cover the rent. But they, too, have gained a cult following. Each belt (branded under his middle name, Shane) is made by hand and still smells of the curing resin when he delivers them! The Limited Edition giclees are NEW this holiday and beautiful.

Robin Rhode Print, Restless Mind
Pick from Art Catalogues

Restless Mind was created by Rhode on the occasion of his exhibition Contemporary Projects 12: Robin Rhode at LACMA in March 2010. Limited edition of 200 hand-numbered, unsigned prints and two Artist's Proofs, digitally printed on 30gsm cotton rag paper, with archival inks.

Ed Ruscha - On the Road: An Artist Book of the Classic Novel by Jack Kerouac
Pick from the Gagosian Shop

Limited Edition Posters, unsigned
Produced in 2010, in conjunction with "Ed Ruscha: On the Road: An Artist Book of the Classic Novel by Jack Kerouac" at Gagosian Gallery, London (Davies Street) and Gagosian Gallery, New York (Madison Avenue).
The posters are printed in letterpress with blind deboss and a photograph tipped in by hand, 3 images available
Edition of 100

Williams Eggleston: Democratic Camera. Photographs and Video. 1961-2008
Pick from Art Catalogues

by Elisabeth Sussman, Thomas Weski, et al, New York, 2008.
Examines his black & white images from the early 60s, the video recordings of the 70s as well as his more recent color work.
Hardcover, Signed by William Eggleston.

Dirty Baby
Pick from Art Catalogues

With works by Ed Ruscha, music by Nels Cline and Ghazals by David Breskin, New York 2010.
Hardcover in die-cut slipcase, including full-length music CDs and 2 spoken-voice CDs.
Signed by Ed Ruscha, Nels Cline and David Breskin.

Kate Costello, Loner Mask, 2010
Pick from LAXART

8 x 5.5 x 3 inches, Paper Cement. Edition of 10

Kelly Barrie, Cat Tail Sewer Pipe , 2009
Pick from LAXART

Digital c-print, 11 x 14 inches

Tomory Dodge: Untitled, 2009
Pick from Outpost for Contemporary Art

16 x 12 inches, Edition of 40

Limited Edition Print Portfolio: Collection II
Serpentine Gallery

This portfolio includes prints created exclusively for the Gallery by Marina Abramović, Luke Fowler and Cerith Wyn Evans.

Alexandra Grant, Fragment 6, 2006
Pick from MOCA

Chris Johanson: Untitled (Insectarian), 2005
Pick from Outpost for Contemporary Art

22 x 28 inches
Edition of 39

Nairy Baghramian: Türstopper (Door Stopper)
Serpentine Gallery

Spaces such as corners, doorways and backstage areas have always interested Artist Nairy Baghramian and they have been both the location and theme of her work. Baghramian has made a series of 30 unique works based on door stoppers exclusively for the Serpentine.

5 Year Anniversary Box Edition
Pick from LAXART

Available including works by Edgar Arceneaux, Shannon Ebner, Piero Golia, Karl Haendel, and Daniel Joseph Martinez.

Karl Haendel, Headlines Etching for JB, 2010
Pick from LACMA

Published by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on the occasion of the exhibition John Baldessari: Pure Beauty, June 27-September 12, 2010.
Etching with softground etching, Black Gamp and Magnani Revere backing paper, 24 x 19 inches. Edition of 25
$1,000 (Member Price $900)

Glenn Kaino, ER(DNA)SE, 2010
Pick from LAXART

Lithograph on paper, 30 1/4" x 23" inches
Edition of 10

Anselm Reyle - The Art of Anselm Reyle Limited Edition
Pick from the Gagosian Shop

A limited edition version of the Art of Anselm Reyle, the recent monograph on this artist's work. Includes a hand-painted cover by Anselm Reyle, signed and numbered by the artist.
Edition of 100.

William Eggleston, Untitled (Los Angeles), 1994/2010
Pick from LACMA

Published by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on the occasion of the exhibition William Eggleston: Democratic Camera --Photographs and Video, 1961-2008, October 31, 2010-January 16, 2011.
Pigmented ink print on Museo Silver Rag, 16 x 10 5/8 inches. Numbered edition of 30, stamped on reverse
$3,000 (Member Price $2,700)

Larry Johnson, Untitled (Achievement: SW Corner, Glendale + Silverlake Blvds.), 2009
Pick from the Hammer Museum

Color photograph
32 x 44 inches, Edition of 25.

Kara Walker, Restraint, 2009
Pick from the Hammer Museum

Etching with aquatint and sugarlift
31 x 24 inches, Edition of 35

Richard Phillips - Riot Carpet Tapestry
Pick from the Gagosian Shop

Based on the painting Riot, 1998
Printed nylon carpet
Produced by Art Production Fund
Edition of 100

Jeff Koons - Kangaroo Mirror Box
Pick from the Gagosian Shop

Mirror box in mirror polystyrene and plexiglass, DVD
Edition of 2000

Robert Rauschenberg, Untitled, 1984
Pick from MOCA

Silkscreen with fabric and photo collage on hand-cut paper. Hand signed and numbered.
31 7/8 × 26 1/4 inches, Edition of 75, plus 15 Artist Proofs
$5,000 (Member's Price $4,500)

Anselm Reyle - Painted Skateboard
Pick from the Gagosian Shop


Barbara Kruger, Untitled (Another Year), 2010
Pick from LACMA

Published by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on the occasion of the 2010 Collectors Committee Weekend.
Lenticular pigment print, 21 x 16 inches. Edition of 40
$10,000 (Member Price $9,000)

Ed Ruscha - Motor City
Pick from the Gagosian Shop

Portfolio of seven color aquatints with hard ground etching
Printed by Crown Point Press
Edition of 50