04/01/2011 12:39 pm ET | Updated Jun 01, 2011

PLAN ForYourArt: March 31-April 6

Each week, ForYourArt highlights select events to help you PLAN ForYourArt. SEE, KNOW, COLLECT, and ENJOY the best of Los Angeles art and culture.

Culver City Openings
Various Locations (Culver City)
Opening receptions for new exhibitions in Culver City include: Steve Bankhead: SEX: A Monument to Malcom McLaren at EGHQ, Melanie Willhide: To Adrian Rodriguez, With Love at Kaycee Olsen Gallery; Mari Eastman: Objects, Decorative and Functional at Cherry and Martin; Tillman Kaiser: Fur Kinder und Kenner at Honor Fraser; Victor Henderson and Terry Schoonhoven: L.A. Fine Art Squad at Cardwell Jimmerson; Dias Sardenberg: Holidays in an American Desert at Blythe Projects; Mai-Thu Perret: Migraine at David Kordansky Gallery; and Paul Cherwick: Naught Knotties, Marina Kappos: Peep Show and David Korty at China Art Objects..

Gary Beydler: Hand Held Day, Pasadena Freeway Stills, and Venice Pier
Armory Center for the Arts (Pasadena)
In celebration of X-TRA Vol. 13, No. 3, a screening of films by Gary Beylder, with an introduction to the films by Benjamin Lord.

David Smith: Cubes and Anarchy
LACMA (Mid-Wilshire)
The opening day of an exhibition featuring the work of American sculptor David Smith. Often presented as the three-dimensional counterpart to the Abstract Expressionist painters, this exhibition will consider geometry throughout Smith's oeuvre, revealing a sculptor whose self-constructed identity as part of the working class motivated him to adopt the utopian optimism of the constructivist avant-garde. The show will include sculptures, drawings, paintings and photographs from throughout Smith's career that illustrate his belief in the connection between geometry, the artistic avant-garde, and political sentiment. David Smith: Cubes and Anarchy will be on view at LACMA through July 24. David Smith: Drawing Space is on view at Margo Leavin Gallery through May 14.

Daniel Joseph Martinez: Through the Wormhole, I Can See Myself as I Was a Minute Ago. But What if I Use the Wormhole to Shoot My Earlier Self? He's Now Dead. So Who Fired the Shot?
Pasadena City College (Pasadena)
Artist Daniel Joseph Martinez will give a public lecture on the occasion of his exhibition of new work, featuring photographic prints, and "text paintings" made of raw pigments and clay. As Pasadena City College's 25th Artist-in-Residence, Martinez's exhibition invites questions about the relationship between nature, aesthetics, and social control.

Guillermo Gomez-Pena: Strange Democracy
Hammer Museum (Westwood)
Post-Mexican writer and performance artist Guillermo Gomez-Pena presents a new solo performance, dealing with the end of the Bush era and the formidable challenges facing President Obama. He denounces the anti-immigration hysteria and assaults the demonized construction of the U.S/Mexican border. Using Chicano humor, hybrid literary genres, multilingualism, and activist theory as subversive strategies, the "border artist extraordinaire" Gomez-Pena reflects on identity, race, sexuality, pop culture, politics, and the impact of new technologies in a post-911 era.