08/27/2013 12:17 pm ET Updated Oct 27, 2013

Here's the Twitter Data for MTV's 2013 VMAs

Way back in 2010, using Twitter to monitor live television events in real-time was brand new. Now it's fully integrated in the media planning for events from elections to sports events to the Video Music Awards.

Lost Remote reports on what Twitter released last night at 1:16am ET:

Here are tonight's preliminary data findings, showing how fans took to Twitter throughout the show to share in notable moments. Please note: all data is based only on the east coast airing of the show.

Tweets Per Minute Peaks:
Miley and Robin Thicke perform: 306,100 TPM
Justin Timberlake's performance concludes: 219,800 TPM
Drake performs: 194,500 TPM
Taylor Swift's acceptance speech: 189,300 TPM
Kanye West performs: 181,200 TPM

(For comparison, last year's show had a peak of 98,300 Tweets per minute; this year's Super Bowl had 231,000 TPM during the blackout.)

Most Mentioned Stars:
Miley: 4.5 million
Justin Timberlake: 2.9 million
Lady Gaga: 1.9
Drake: 1.6
Kanye West: 1 million

Of course, these are mentions, not endorsements. Miley out-Gagaed Gaga, which might be why she topped the Most Mentioned Stars category. Her jaw-dropping performance garnered mentions - not because it was good or bad - but because it was so hard to describe. It left many speechless - but not Tweet-less. Wow.

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