10/23/2013 12:02 pm ET | Updated Dec 23, 2013

Why Do We Treat Symptoms When the Cause Could Be the Cure for our Stressed Life?

Nine times out of ten, you are probably reacting to a symptom of your life. Is your symptom being tired? Drink coffee. Is your symptom being overweight? Exercise on a regular schedule. Money challenges? Go to work when you would love to play. Feel like you are working too hard? Make unconscious indulgences.

We are always compensating (paying) for the dis-ease we are feeling, experiencing, thinking. We give all of our attention to the symptoms of our life.

So, I assert this cliché from alternative health practices: Treat the cause, not the effect. The symptoms of our life are caused by being ill-at-ease with the lifestyle we have chosen. A common thought in your mind as you awake, "Oh, do I have to get up? I want to sleep," is one of the many symptoms of discontent and eventually, the cause of more symptoms (as lack of sleep can lead to a whole host of health issues).

Instead of seeking ways to ease the stress, how about looking at a lifestyle that creates pleasure, prosperity and play? Loving what you do, how you live, in every moment? So turned on by life that your actions create health, vitality for the body and more love in your heart? Success becomes the amount of time you spent with loved ones, how much you shared with others and how much time you actually are having fun. The mad rush to do becomes less important and boring. Being in the now reigns over doing.

Desire is the beginning of the quest to find out what you truly love or what warms your heart. Desire issues from the heart and lights up the eyes! This light is your joy and your medication for your symptoms, as now, we are going to the seed level of your lifestyle dream. Change the symptoms by changing the cause. This, I feel, is the ultimate cure for any dis-ease in your life.

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