12/06/2011 10:56 am ET | Updated Aug 31, 2012

The Christmas Cookies You Need To Bake In 2011

Christmas Cookies! With just a few short weeks to go, it's time to start baking... or at least time to start thinking about baking.

Just the mention of cookies puts smiles to our faces. Between holiday parties and cookie swaps, we'll be eating our fill. The question is, what to bake. There is the classic: a sugar cookie, artfully decorated. There's the historical: a mandelbread recipe, passed down from Cara's grandma. And there's the seasonal: a spiced snickerdoodle, or a super-gingery gingersnap.

The best Christmas cookies look pretty and taste great, and they also keep well. That last quality means they make a great gift, to be eaten both before and after the holidays. We buy cellophane bags and pretty ribbon, tie 'em up, and gift 'em far and wide.

What are your favorite kinds of cookies? Will you be baking this Christmas?

10 Christmas Cookie Recipes