I have Palinitus

10/04/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Wow. Sarah Palin. Hurricane Gustav. Mitt Romney. The Republican convention. Tom Ridge. The plane circling LA with a broken wheel. John McCain.

They're all scary and they've all dominated the news lately. I need a silly break. I need something to giggle at for a minute or two while my mind does a reset and accepts that Tom Ridge will be on TV a lot this week and there's no need to raise the threat level to orange because of it. Want to join me?

Alex sent me this video this morning and it killed me. The Sarah Palin impersonator is spot on and I can completely see Palin "wearing the pants" in that duo. Be careful if you're at work - there's cursing.

I love the bite in the idea behind this article - God has abandoned the Republicans:

This just in: Hurricane of delicious irony slams Republican National Convention, flooding the streets of Minneapolis/St. Paul with rivers of savage hypocrisy as levees of evangelical denial and sexual confusion overflow into the streets, leaving stunned party members scrambling in vain for shaky moral high ground.

Meanwhile, clever looters smash windows of opportunity and steal valuable quips about underage sex and teen pregnancy, as everyone gets a very unsettling if not downright weird taste of warped pro-gun anti-choice elk-kabob conservative Alaskan family values. YouTube at 11.


As I was typing up this post, a friend sent me this graphic:


Good Lord. They've all still involved: Sarah Palin. Hurrican Gustav. Mitt Romney. The Republican convention. Tom Ridge. The plane circling LA with a broken wheel. John McCain.

Oh wait. I got rid of the hurricane and the plane. I know what will work for the rest of it: three little fish and a big bad shark!

That's my friend Robert's youngun'. Robert writes:

Last night my son came home from school excited. He had read a book from beginning to end and wanted me to video tape him reading the book so he could post it on his blog. Of course, me being who I am, I had to do more than just tape him reading. But I digress. What I am requesting is that if you get a chance, you drop by my kids' blog and leave a comment for Harrison. He may only be six, but he's already starting to appreciate comments.

Go on, leave Harrison a comment. You know you want to congratulate him for a job well done. You'll help lift up a kid.

And liberals being kind to kids? Sarah Palin, Tom Ridge, John McCain and Mitt Romney's heads will implode.

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