07/11/2010 12:35 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Michael Steele Trying to Recruit Lady Gaga?

Riffing off the report that Lady Gaga now has more Facebook fans than President Obama, Hoosier blogger Jon Easter reports that GOP Chairman Michael Steele hopes to recruit Gaga as a presidential candidate for 2012.

Former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin expressed concerns about Gaga, "Well, you know. Bristol just loves Gaga, but I'm just not so sure she's got what it takes. I mean she just does the singing thing and has the expressions about the gays and can't see Russia from her house. Maybe she should just stick to doing the thing where she sings and talks about the things she does with the things she talks about, you know?"

Other Republicans were more welcoming. Contacted at the wrong number, Senator Richard Lugar said that he would support a Gaga run if legal, "I think she's an extraordinary young performer and artist with a bright future. Char and I enjoy doing the Charleston to Just Dance and Poker Face."
Glenn Beck immediately launched a crusade against Gaga. He had an hour-long tirade using everything from Play-doh, livestock, loose leaf paper, a sword swallower, and a Ronald Reagan mannequin smoking a marijuana cigarette in opposition to Gaga. Reached at his vacation home at Rush Limbaugh's house, Beck said, "She's a danger to the fabric of the country I love. That I have fake cried for many times. (Dramatic Pause) That I...I mean...our founding fathers made great. (Dramatic Pause) I am not gaga for Gaga."

The whole satirical piece is well worth the read.

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