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Weekly Reader: Elena Kagan, Rep Mark Kirk & a sex ed poster

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Not only did we host a liveblog with Blue Indiana and the Huffington Post of the 2010 Indiana Jefferson Jackson Day Dinner this week, we've had a ton of especially great content elena_kagan090218.jpglike this:


My Yiddishe Momme Filed by: Dr. Jillian T. Weiss
Examining the Basic Math of SB 1070 in Arizona Filed by: Bobby Parker


DADT: Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan & the Solomon Amendment Filed by: Nancy Polikoff
History Repeating: Family Guy goes transphobic Filed by: Bil Browning


BREAKING: 2nd Sit-in at McCain's AZ Office to Protest DADT Filed by: Joe Mirabella
Is Elena Kagan gay? A sexy mystery Filed by: Alex Blaze


Is there a connection between Jim Webb and Elaine Donnelly? Filed by: Michael Hamar
ABC's Modern Family: How "Modern" is its Gay Couple? Filed by: Waymon Hudson


Move It Or Lose It Filed by: Father Tony
Animal attraction! Filed by: Sean Martin


Kirk vs. Kirk: Lobbying a lawmaker on DADT with extra clout Filed by: Phil Reese
Propaganda: Vintage Sex Ed Poster Filed by: Gloria Brame Ph.D.

Don't forget: