09/12/2010 01:20 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Weekly Reader: Ladies Night, Nerd Masculinity, & Doom Patrol

While Jerame and I spent the week packing up and moving to DC, contributor Phil Reese took the reigns and turned the Project into "Philerico" while I was gone! He gave everyone the day off for the holiday, but thank goodness because he inspired tons of great conversations like the ones on Rebis.png.jpegthese posts:


Remember Doom Patrol's Queer Characters, Rebis and Coagula? Filed by: Andrew Belonsky

Dumpster Nirvana Filed by: Sara Whitman


Nerd Masculinity Filed by: Dr. Jillian T. Weiss

What about the queer kind of ladies' night? Filed by: Alex Blaze


Craigslist Adult Services Censored by Government Filed by: Tobi Hill-Meyer

The babies conundrum Filed by: Phil Reese


On Living With Idiots, Or, An Open Letter To Islam Filed by: Don Davis

Why Johnny can't think critically Filed by: Rev Irene Monroe


Google Instant censors "lesbian" but "fag" is OK Filed by: Nathan Strang

Gays, Welcome To The Tea Party? Filed by: D Gregory Smith

Don't forget: