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Weekly Reader: Saddam's sex tape, Larry Kramer at the mall & Veruca Salt

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While "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" repeal dominated the queer conversation this week, don't forget that there were plenty of other overlooked stories. We kept on pumping out great content you might have missed with all the focus on DADT. Quaintance paintingCheck out these stories from this week:


Hate mail, with a twist Filed by: Adam Bink
Anatomy of a Short Sale; or, My Personal Red Flag on the LGBT Mortgage Crisis Filed by: Patricia Nell Warren


The kind of girl I am Filed by: Cassandra Keenan
Two Worlds in Texas Filed by: Paige Schilt


Hot, sexy, and homoerotic: George Quaintance Filed by: Gloria Brame Ph.D.
Jim Crow? Really? Filed by: Guest Blogger Aaron Belkin


OMG, the Saddam Hussein sex tape Filed by: Alex Blaze
Gay Bashing Christian Group Poses Qur'anic Problems for MN GOP Filed by: Andrew Belonsky


The Day Larry Kramer Dissed Me! Filed by: Mark S. King
On My Approaching Gay Anniversary, Or, I Break The Fourth Wall Filed by: Don Davis


Incrementalism Shoe on the Other Foot on DADT Filed by: Dr. Jillian T. Weiss
DADT: Are we pulling a Veruca Salt? Filed by: Bil Browning

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