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Also, apparently, there was like a strike about this or something.

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The New York Times discovers, in today's Business section, that the kids are now watching TV shows on their computers. (Whoa! It's like I'm talkin' space talk!) The piece is downright exhaustive, including both the name of an actual Los Angeles screenwriter (Peer Gopfrich) and the kind of big screen he recently bought (high-resolution liquid crystal), but it fails to mention that -- Oh yeah, funny story -- this is more or less the development that just shut down show business for two and a half months.

Sure, it was an unpleasant time, pitting brother against brother and all that, and we'd all like to forget it ever happened. But doesn't it seem like the kind of fun little informational tidbit that merits a mention in passing? Especially given the fact that -- Again, funny story -- people lost their life savings and stuff. That's the sort of broad context that can brighten up a drab trend piece on a dreary Monday, no?

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