03/15/2007 12:01 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Eyes-Only HRC Talking Points: March '07

Homosexuality immoral? For others to conclude. (NYT, 3/15 -- home run!)

Sky blue? I have a friend who's color-blind, and she tells me the sky is a kind of washed-out gray. So we can all agree there are lots of excellent perspectives on this.

Oceans deep? I've never personally descended to their sandy depths in an atom-powered mini-sub, so that isn't a question I feel I can answer right now.

Gas leaks -- "noxious" or "minty fresh"? Some terrific arguments to be made on both sides.

Prince or Michael Jackson? My very good friend Nelson George told me Prince is da bomb. {Hold for applause.} Yeah. Yeah. On the other hand, Michael has done so much for charity.

Having eyes pecked out by crows -- painful? Let me tell you, I've read all the research on this, and if science tells us anything, it's that there's no easy answer to this one. Not that science is always right.

Giant asteroid strikes Earth, causing polar ice caps to melt, triggering massive tsunamis and dooming mankind to millenia of slavery under a newly ascendant race of super-intelligent cyborgs -- Pro or con? You know, Dr. King was great. {Hold for applause} Yeah. Yeah.