09/25/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Is Our E-Waste Harming Children?

China has been sending us lead-contaminated toys, but lead contamination from U.S. products may be exacting a far heavier toll on children in China.

Number of recalls of children's products issued in the United States in 2007: 231

Number one reason for children's product recalls: lead contamination

Principal country of origin of U.S. children's products contaminated by lead: China

Percentage of children with elevated levels of lead in the United States: 2.2%

One of the principal exporters of e-waste to China despite Chinese ban: United States

One of the toxic metals contained in e-waste: lead

City where large volumes of e-waste are disposed: Guiyu, China

Percentage of children with elevated levels of lead in Guiyu, China: 82%

Dr. Bill Chameides is the dean of Duke University's Nicholas School of the Environment. He blogs regularly at


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