03/01/2013 01:32 pm ET Updated May 01, 2013

No Eggscuses not to Eggsercise


Although I don't look forward to exercising, I usually enjoy it. But if I stop it's so hard to get back into a routine. It's like the Gershwin song: "I can't get started." Now I have an excuse -- I hurt my knee. This morning I finally took action and made an appointment to check it out. Okay. I took the first step toward taking care of myself.


For weeks I've been waking up wishing I could get back to an exercise routine. I know that waiting for an inspiration is a waste of time. I will get inspired if I just begin. And I know trying to find the time will ensure that I won't find the time. I have to make the time because it's important to me.


Making bargains with myself has helped me in the past. I would read a good book while on the treadmill and I wouldn't allow myself to read it at any other time. This deal worked well for a couple of months. Another successful period was when I exercised with a friend. Unfortunately, my last exercise partner moved away and I got off track. Can I blame it on her?

I know how good it feels when I work out and yet amazingly I have been sabotaging myself. I know how important it is to exercise regularly -- for my weight, my spirits and to fight against heart disease and cancer -- to name a few reasons. Once I get my knee taken care of I won't let any other distraction get in my way.


If I make a public pledge, it will be hard for me not to keep my promise. I will let you know how it goes.

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