11/27/2013 04:59 pm ET Updated Jan 27, 2014

The 5-Minute Thanksgiving Getaway

Everyone needs a quick getaway on Thanksgiving, no matter the circumstance, be it the chaos of family and friends or for individuals who maybe hemmed into isolation.

We all need five minutes to climb into our hearts to give thanks for those moments where one can take a breath and a moment to reflect and acknowledge the gifts in ones life.

My five-minute Thanksgiving getaway functions like a reset button. The best place for me to hit that button is in nature. I step outside, breath and acknowledge the gifts in my life -- gifts of past and present. I find the most beautiful place to take inventory of my own personal wow list.

I realize not everyone can step out to nature or have bucolic spaces out their back door. And in those cases I would suggest that you close your eyes and take inventory of the gifts in your life no matter how distant.

At the top of my list are my family, friends, a dedicated board of directors at Less Cancer, and the many volunteers I hear from during the year that offer help, support and kindness.

This Thanksgiving, many individual worlds are imploding. For those individuals I send prayers, love and thoughts that they to can lead their way through these tougher times and where they too can acknowledge the gifts in their lives.

I also wish that the many suffering at this time will have some peace -- a breath to feel the beauty and love in this all too complicated world. This might seem like a small act for those focusing on survival, yet for me those positive thoughts and prayers have made a difference and they continue to make a difference in my life for which I am grateful.