01/24/2007 11:15 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Does Bush Deserve Us?

I'm so sick of being repulsed by President Bush. He has dragged us into the worst state of affairs this country has been in since the depression- and in
many ways where we are today is much worse than those days- he has truly
created a disaster out of a country that had just ended a decade of real
progress when he took office- the deficits and Iraq and human rights and
civil liberties and his pathetic bible based science- the list of problems
he has created or exacerbated is so painfully long- it seems everything he
touches is ruined. And there he was cheerleading- urging us to fight on
and to remember our courage- the one thing he has not ruined in this
country- hope and courage- calling on us to put our strength behind him. He
doesn't deserve our strength and courage. The courage we need is in somehow
girding ourselves for the rest of his term. We are all the King's Horses
and all the King's Men who have to put our country together again. We have
to re-build everything and he wants us to get behind him as he tears
everything apart. He wants us to join him in creating the mess we have to
clean up when he leaves office and goes back to Crawford to fall off his

The worst moment for me, out of all the filth he conjured up for our
listening pleasure during his State of the Union address, was when he
honored our troops. I hate it when he honors our troops. He doesn't
deserve to honor our troops. He calls to our attention to the disfigured men
and women who have suffered as a result of his incompetence, blithe savagery
and arrogant, misguided nation building. He never once says you suffer
because of my incompetence as a political visionary and a commander in
chief. He needs to apologize to our troops. He needs to get on his knees
and beg their forgiveness. He needs to say he misused our armed forces and
misled them and has thrown them to the dogs.

America's troops deserve more than a useless, hopeless suicide mission. How
can any member of the Armed Forces respect this man after what he has done
in Iraq? How can any soldier fight for him? What could be more depressing
for a soldier who signed up to serve this country than to fight for the
plans of George W. Bush which have done so much disservice to this country
and the world? I always thought soldiers were courageous, but now I am awed
by anyone who can submit themselves to the will of a commander in chief they
know is worthless and put their life on the line so George W. Bush- the most
incompetent President in our history and one of the world's all time worst
geo-political strategists can have another chance to save us from the
disaster he has created. He doesn't deserve another chance. He doesn't
deserve another noble American life. He doesn't deserve our courage. He
doesn't deserve what we can give. Our courage and hope and strength are too
precious to give to this dangerous President. Our lives are too precious to
trust to his warped naiveté. Our future is too important to give to his
retarded vision. He deserves a quick exit out of Washington into the ash
heap of history.

It is terribly sad to me that we have to give our best to this man. Unless
we impeach him for the many wrongs, big and small, he has heaped on us, we
devalue and dishonor ourselves. If we let him off then we deserve a
President like George W. Bush and we will get more like him.