01/16/2007 06:52 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Great Bush Horrors of a Failed Iraq

In his recent speech on Iraq from the White House library President Bush tried to hammer home the idea that the failure of his policies in Iraq will result in "unimaginable" violence for Iraqis and America. We've seen cities wiped out by nuclear weapons and the horrors of genocide, so Bush wants us to believe that the level of violence generated by his failed Iraq will surpass what we have already seen from Hiroshima, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Idi Amin and other Evil Doers.

Bush's "unimaginable" horrors are widely accepted in Washington as a given result of a failed Iraq. So what does Bush want to do to prevent these Great Horrors from blighting America? He wants to tie our fate to 21,500 troops and Maliki's non existent ability to defang the Shiite militias that support him as Prime Minister. Maliki has absolutely no reason to cooperate with Bush's plan and won't do so. That leaves us with 21,500 to stave of Horrors worse than Hitler. Not gonna happen. Are we going to risk horrors so horrifying we cannot even imagine them on a few thousand soldiers? That is what Bush is proposing. That means Bush is content to leave us exposed to our worst nightmare. What kind of country stands by like a bunch of pathetic lemming and allows itself to be run off the edge of a cliff? How can we allow ourselves to be led by such a man?

The Surge/Maliki plan will fail. Iraq will fail. That means The Great Bush Horrors of a failed Iraq are nearly upon us.

If Bush's nightmare scenario is a real possibility then we Americans are not acting responsibly- everything and anything must be done to avoid the Great Horrors Bush predicts his failed policies are about to unleash. If we truly believe what we are saying about our future then we must immediately send the 500,000 troops our military leaders say give us the best chance of dampening the raging sectarian fires in Iraq, fire up the draft, require every able bodied citizen to serve in the armed forces at least two years and raise taxes so we aren't devoured by debt to the Chinese. We must call in every favor and bust out a full court diplomatic blitzkrieg. We have to start making deals with the Iranians, the Chinese, the Russians, the French, Pakistan, India, Indonesia- everybody. The dream of a stable self governing Iraq must be completely abandoned. We have to make plans to annex Iraq and turn it into a police state. We either take these steps right now or risk Bush's "unimaginable" horrors raging in our streets.

Americans aren't doing all those things. We're arguing about patriotism and whether we should pass non binding votes of support. Are we acting like diots who can't protect themselves? No. Americans don't buy Bush's "Sky Is Falling" rhetoric. If we really believed a failed Iraqi state would rain terror from the skies we would be joining the armed forces in droves and learning Arabic- Americans don't fuck around. The American people have decided that we have already failed in Iraq. That means either they don't see any chance of staving off The Great Bush Horror, or they believe Iraq must be somehow managed without putting American lives in jeopardy. Whoever says we have to leave Iraq must put forth a proposal to deal with The Great Bush Horror coming our way.

If the Middle East was about to erupt into a conflagration the rest of the world would be in a panic. I just spent the last three months living and working in Bulgaria with dozens of Europeans from all over the continent. I watched European news coverage on Iraq and read as many international papers as I could. In the previous two years I've made three trips to India and spoke with the Governor of Andhra Pradesh, an Indian state more populous than the U.S. Europe is not in a panic over a failed Iraq and neither is India. Many people believe we are the cause of instability in the Middle East, and that the civil war in Iraq will resolve itself after we leave. The reality is the rest of the world sees in Iraq a chance to take us down a notch and increase their influence and opportunity in the region.

Apparently Republicans don't believe the Great Bush Horror will come out of a failed Iraq either. Their selfish, disgusting indifference towards Bush's incompetent prosecution of the war, given the stakes, combined with their impotent Surge/Maliki plan to save Iraq and our future means Republicans believe failure most definitely is an option. Nobody who cares about success in Iraq would propose the Surge/Maliki plan. Bush's plan is a pathetic, cruel, selfish attempt give himself a scapegoat. He wants to say "I tried everything but Maliki didn't come through." Maliki was never, ever going to come through. Spare the lives of those 21,000 brave souls who would fight to protect America from harm.

Counting on Maliki is a cry for help. Bush is begging all of us to impeach him like the hopeless alcoholic with a dozen DUI's who shows up in court drunk asking for his car keys back. Bush is impeachably derelict. The President is so utterly lost he blames terrorists for causing his reconstruction plans to fail when bringing terrorists into Iraq was promoted by him as a reason for invading Iraq in the first place. He actually says he failed because he was surprised by the terrorists he predicted would show up to fight us in Iraq. We ought to relieve him of his misery and ours. Right wingers are fond of raging at lefties who let those who create mayhem off the hook. Who's the liberal now? Liberal is as Liberal does.

If Bushublicans are really going to insist we can't afford to fail in Iraq then they must recognize we can't afford to have Bush leading the way. Bush has done nothing but fail. As I said two years ago in a previous Huff-Post Bush has no credibility on Iraq. Those who support Bush now, at this point in the game, given all the evidence of his incompetence and inability to understand the Middle East forfeit their credibility seat as well.

The game is on the line. Whether we bring to our shores The Great Bush Horror or whether we dodge the bullet and somehow get out of Iraq intact rides on what we do now. This is our last shot. In this situation you don't give the ball to the guy who has missed every shot he's ever taken. That guy should not be on the team. You cut that guy. That guy carries the towels and sets up the Gatorade cups and cleans up the locker room. Only an utterly self obsessed, totally failed, delusional personality could insist he who has never made a basket should take the last shot with the game on the line. President Bush, Vice President Cheney, its time for you to put your country's needs above your own and step aside. You are not the guys to lead us anywhere we want to go.

Bush's old strategy was a slow defeat, leaving Iraq is a fast defeat and more troops worsens our defeat. It's time to get real. We lost.