06/12/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

What Hillary Clinton wants.

Hillary Clinton does not want to be Vice President. An office with no executive power? Not nearly good enough. Not by a long shot.

Deep inside Hillary's nails-on-a-chalk board "it ain't over even when it's over" mindset, a curious political logic holds sway. This logical construction would have us believe that her primary vote total, arguably equal to Barack Obama's, constitutes equal political power, which should be reflected in a disbursement of Presidential power no less than is allowed Barack Obama. She wants to be Co-President. She feels she's earned it and will settle for nothing less.

She plans on using the Vice Presidency as a platform for creating the office of a virtual Co-President.

In Hillary's mind her Co-Presidency has total control of health care and education policy and other personal causes, and an equal voice/vote in all matters concerning Iraq, defense spending and the overall budget.

She will not ask for what she wants. From now until the convention she will work to convert her strong showing in the primaries into political leverage. If Obama doesn't agree to her demands she will simply shove them down his throat. As you all read this little Huffpostie, Hillary's campaign is preparing Obama's people for what lies ahead, saying privately: "Buck up, buddy. Now take it like a man."

A word to the wise, Barack: If you do choose to fight back, don't be like the fool who brought a knife to the gunfight. Otherwise your Presidential desk won't be in the Oval Office. You'll be somewhere down the hall.

Vice President Hillary? Don't insult her. Try Co-President Hillary.

Hillary Clinton has not yet begun to fight.

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