Hillary Get Your Gun

04/16/2008 12:40 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Ask yourself, would you rather go duck-hunting with Hillary Clinton or Dick Cheney? While the vice president might shoot you in the face, Hillary would plaster your backside with buckshot.

With Obama always visible in her campaign's sniper scope, she has never hesitated to pull the trigger whenever she recognized weakness or opportunity in her rival. Because of a careless yet fundamentally truthful remark Obama made at a private San Francisco fundraiser on how disgruntled working class folks "cling to guns and religion," Hillary immediately went into lock-and-load combat mode.

Listening to Hillary prattle on about her lifelong commitment to firearms and gun rights, you'd think she spent weekends with the late Charlton Heston and his hunting lodge pals.

Granted, she has had more experience being around guns than former GOP presidential nominee and occasional varmint-chaser Mitt Romney, but I have trouble picturing Hillary in full camo, hiding in a tree blind, sipping Jack Daniel's from a flask, while waiting for a 12-point buck to show itself.

The only deer she wants to slay is Obama. Sorry, Maureen. Obambi.

To his credit, Obama fired right back at his opponent while speaking to a crowd of supporters in Scranton, Pennsylvania. "She is running around talking about... how she values the Second Amendment. She's talking like she's Annie Oakley."

Let's call this unfriendly fire.

By the time of the Democratic national convention, expect both candidates to be packing dueling pistols.

You either had to laugh or pinch yourself in disbelief when Clinton cynically denounced Obama's guns 'n god comment as "elitist and divisive." Come again? With her and Bill claiming over $100 million in income since 2000, she expects voters to believe that she's Ms. Blue Collar channeling Dennis Kucinich?

If anything, her campaign has been elitist and divisive right from the very start. She felt entitled to the presidency and will do anything and say anything and be anyone in hopes of moving back into the White House.

Yet Hillary and Bill keep shooting themselves in the foot as her battle-weary campaign limps on. Since she doesn't respect the value of surrender in the face of imminent defeat, she's acting more like a kamikazi pilot hell-bent on wrecking the Democratic party in her cockeyed pursuit of personal glory.

She also told this whopper at a press conference, "Senator Obama has not owned up to what he said and taken accountability for {the remarks}...what does he really believe?" When she's on the attack, she becomes as odious and unsavory as any weaselly Republican operative who still thinks Rove walks on water and Bush is infallible

Hell, if Hillary really wants to show the world what a great good-ole-boy gun lover and patriot she is, how about traveling to a forward-operating base in Iraq? Go mano a mano with a Moqtada militia sniper--and perhaps put to rest the tissue of lies surrounding Bosnia?

Because what does Hillary really believe in apart from winning? No one really knows anymore, except that she is determined to keep firing away at Obama until she runs of bullets and the public runs out of patience with her offensive behavior.