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Foley Folly

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Former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards once said he would never be defeated for re-election - unless he were caught in bed with a dead girl - or live boy.

Republican Congressman Mark Foley got caught with a live boy. Several live boys, in fact. Sending sexually-suggestive emails to them. And God knows what else.

Foley's resigned - the third Republican Congressman to resign in disgrace this year. But that's not the end of it.

What the American people deserve to know is: Why did Republican leaders of Congress wait until the media busted Foley - before taking action?

According to ABC News, which first broke the story, male Congressional pages were warned five years ago to beware of Foley.

Speaker Dennis Hastert and Congressman Tom Reynolds, Republican political chair, were told of Foley's emails to teen-age pages last year.

Yet they did nothing. They covered up Mark Foley, just like they covered up Tom Delay, Bob Ney, and Duke Cunningham. And, no doubt, just like they're covering up others.

Now Hastert's calling for an investigation. But it's too little, too late.

Hastert and fellow Republican leaders have already proven the only thing they care about is re-electing Republicans.

They don't care about anything else. Not even protecting our kids.

Throw the bums out!