04/29/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Pope Benedict is Living in Denial

He came, he spoke, he conquered.

Pope Benedict XVI is back in Rome, after his razzle-dazzle visit to the United States -- where he impressed everybody with his apologetic comments about the priest pedophile scandal.

Well, ALMOST everybody. He didn't impress me, because -- even though, for the first time, he expressed regret at the way the Church tried for so long to cover up the scandal -- he still refuses to recognize what lies at the heart of the problem.

As long as the Catholic Church insists on only ordaining men as priests -- and only accepting celibate men as priests -- its sex scandals are never going away.

There's nothing in Scripture or in the teachings of Jesus to support a male-only, celibate clergy. Those rules were added much later by misogynist, sexually-screwed up theologians.

After all, some of the closest and most loyal followers of Jesus were women. And most of the Apostles, including St. Peter, were married men.

Look at ministers, rabbis, or Orthodox priests. There's no doubt a member of the clergy can marry and still function as a priest.

If Benedict is really serious about fixing the Church's sex scandal problems, he will let priests get married. Then they won't be so likely to prey on little boys.