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Black Tomato

Black Tomato

Posted: December 30, 2010 09:00 AM

With the start of a new decade starting in 2 days, here at Black Tomato we've been reflecting on the trends that have changed how we have traveled over the past ten years. In a relatively short time we've witnessed huge technological advancement that has both challenged and enhanced the fulfillment we experience through travel.

More excitingly however, we look to the future; to identify the emerging trends that we believe are currently influencing why and how we will travel in the decade to come.

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Last decade: Experience taking over
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The last decade saw a spike in the popularity of experiential travel. Much like how the internet has enabled the pursuit of sideline careers in creative fields, travel has taken on a broader guise as the ability to indulge your curiosity or passion for a particular activity. Now, travel is not driven by the destination. It is driven by the emotive need for an ‘experience.' Find the ‘experience’ first, the destination second.

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