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Black Tomato


Our Favourite Festivals This Year

Posted: 06/30/11 09:50 AM ET

Earlier this week, as the Glastonbury Festival ended and the mud and music soaked masses came home and (hopefully) showered off the evidence, we began looking for other places around the world where music of all kinds booms. Have a gander at five of our favorite festivals happening around the world this year. Not all of these events boast well known singers and some are difficult to get to, but the atmosphere at all of them is electric with excitement and welcoming. There is no excuse, in other words, not to dance.

Now we just need a playlist for the plane trips.

Québec Summer Festival
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Taking over Québec City next month, the Summer Festival will be turning the place into one huge live stage. From international stars to local talent, you won't struggle to find the music...
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