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Black Tomato

Black Tomato

Posted: December 15, 2010 12:10 PM

Here at Black Tomato we've coined the phrase 'slowtopia travel' for the trips that remove you far from the immediacy of the modern world. We like to travel slowly because it means we're not in a rush or facing any kind of deadline; we're wandering through unknown places at a slow enough pace to catch sight of incredible new things as we go. And, simply to experience the joy that the freedom of traveling brings.

Here are our favorite classic journeys of all time. Each one is a testament to human curiosity.

Inspired? To re-create these classic journeys, or design a bespoke journey of your very own get in touch with us for a chat.

The modern walkabout: Fran Sandham
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In 1997 Fran Sandham decided to walk solo from West to East Africa, leaving his London flat with just a backpack full of clothes and a one-way ticket in his hand. Putting his best foot forward, Sandham negotiated the dunes of Namibia's arid Skeleton Coast, declining modern transportation for the most inherent form of transportation (feet), arriving one year (and 3,000 miles) later on the beaches of Tanzania's Indian Ocean coast. Inspired by Sandham's wholehearted approach to packing light, we created a trip to take you as close as possible to this continent's deep red earth; crafting our very own walking safari through Zambia's grassy plains.
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