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Black Tomato

Black Tomato

Posted: March 2, 2011 12:00 PM

We're proud to introduce Epic Tomato, our new high-octane travel brand designed to quench your thirst for intrepid expedition.

Imagine a three-day trek through a seething jungle that sees you emerge at a paradisiacal coastline... Our hand-picked expert Epic team (including ex-military and SAS guides) is here to make your time off work harder. Leave the office behind and make your holiday count. Embed yourself in adventure in Papua New Guinea, Nepal, Antarctic snow plains or Borneo, to name but a few...

Click through the slideshow below to view an example of each of the five categories: desert, polar, jungle, mountain, river.

If you're looking for a totally inimitable experience you probably won't be able to replicate this with anyone else.

For more information on Epic Tomato's tailor-made adventures to the world's most unusual destinations visit or call +44 207 426 9888.

Polar: Baffin Island, Canada
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Epic's extended Arctic experience takes you to Baffin on a sled-hauling itinerary that encompasses a sociological litmus test of physical agility: Acquire local Inuit survival tips, eat reindeer and pick up the odd phrase of Inuktitut or Inuinnaqtun whilst undertaking one of the most incredible treks that few people will ever have the opportunity to complete. If you're looking to withdraw yourself from the confines of urbane society and to immerse yourself entirely into life in the extreme wilderness, this trip is for you.
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