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Kumera Genet


Silently Shouting: Strengthening the Voice of the African Diaspora

Kumera Genet | Posted December 30, 2012

It would be amazing for the Diaspora to show leadership in breaking down some of these ethnic and religious barriers that are present in contemporary African politics.
Kenya (Robinson)


Black Love: Off The Chain

Kenya (Robinson) | Posted December 30, 2012

Django Unchained is a film that in spite of, or maybe because of the veracity of its violence, imagines black womanhood™ beyond the superhuman stoic into a paradigm of the pretty.
Marissa Wallace


Web Series The Couple Proves Black Relationships Still A Necessity On Television

Marissa Wallace | Posted December 30, 2012

Fans made their support of The Couple's modernized, old-fashioned love deafeningly clear in October when they funded the web series' Kickstarter campaign, contributing $32,665 to the project and exceeding the original $25,000 goal. The money raised will go toward turning the series into a film.