Letter: Thank You New York Post For Reminding Me Of What You Are

03/22/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

(originally posted Feb. 18 on BBN)

Dear New York Post: Thank you for reminding me of who and what you really are. Please don't bother to offer up an empty apology for this latest offense.

This illustration is your authentic editorial opinion, and you have every right to have it. Just like I have every right to put your editorial board, reporters, editors, illustrators, copy editors and Rupert Murdoch in the category of blatantly ignorant, racist, incendiary and reckless. It is for these reasons I don't buy your paper, never have bought your paper and never will.

The Black employees at the New York Post must find it that much more difficult to do their work. Based on the thinking behind the illustration and the editorial approval it took to get published, it seems like the Post might very well be fostering a hostile work environment for Black people.

Thanks again, for the reminder. It keeps me inspired to continue with

Good Riddance,

Sharon D. Toomer
Founder and Managing Editor