11/13/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sadly, Prejudice Against Arabs Is Still a Permissible Hatred In America

Following McCain's statement last week that Obama was not an Arab, "He's a good family man." I wrote a post about it and got the following email which I thought I would share.

Mr. Fleetwood-

I wanted to write you and thank you personally for your piece you
wrote for "An Arab Can't Be a Family Man?".

My parents came to this country 32 years ago from Egypt, my brother
and I were both born and raised in this country - and the McCain
campaign is fanning the idea that if you're Arab or Muslim you're less
American, less patriotic, and somehow suspect. We see how this plays
out on the campaign trail, but what about on main street? If these
crazies are willing to yell "kill him" at the potential President of
the United States, what would they do to their neighbor who may be or
Arab decent or may be Muslim?

Please continue to address this issue as it affects communities around
the country and ultimately our relationship with other nations around
the world.

Thank you,

Mohamed Abdel-Kader

In a post by By Bahija Reghai:

In the US, Rush Limbaugh recently (and falsely) reported that Barack Obama is an Arab- rather than African-American. Racism against African-Americans in the US may not be sufficient to block Senator Obama from the Presidency. But Limbaugh hopes the suggestion that he is actually of Arab ethnicity could do the trick. To compound the insult, the incident was widely reported as a "smear" on Mr. Obama, just as false accusations of him being a Muslim are frequently recounted.

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