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Will Americans Turn Against the Afghan War?

Posted September 10, 2009 | 13:16:44 (EST)

Afghanistan may become the foreign policy flash point that splits Democrats. Even conservative George Will recently came out in favor of withdrawal.

Seth Jones, author of "Graveyard of Empires," analyzes the conditions under which the American public will also turn against the war.

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Defending "Wise Latina"

Posted July 27, 2009 | 14:22:37 (EST)

Dayo Olopade, of The Root, defends Sonia Sotomayor's controversial comment about the relative judicial merit of a "wise Latina woman."

It's a fact, Dayo argues, as a Latina, Sotomayor has more life experience and knowledge of America than John Roberts -- experience that goes beyond "White People Land."

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