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A Conversation With Supermodel Karolina Kurkova

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Top model and television personality Karolina Kurkova talks about being real, Botox and bedtime stories.

When I wake up... I drink my hot water with lemon.

Before I go to bed... I read my son a bedtime story.

A well-dressed man... exudes confidence, elegance and charm without being cocky.

Women should always... look neat and clean.

Men should never... wear square-toed shoes and white tennis socks with sandals.

The best thing that's been said about me... is that I am nice and funny.

The biggest misconception about me... that supermodels are not nice.

If I weren't doing what I'm doing today... I would be an archaeologist.

My legacy... that people will remember me as funny, real and passionate.

A great idea... is when it gives you butterflies.

My mother... is Mother Theresa meets Grace Kelly meets Elizabeth Taylor.

The soundtrack of my life... something that's alive, upbeat and happy meets something that's mysterious and quiet and intense.

The future... is a mystery.

Happiness... is when you are at peace with yourself.

There's a time and place for... everything.

There is too much... sugar, wheat and gluten.

In the end... it doesn't really matter.

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