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There Is a Beauty Within You #2: Finding Your Original Voice

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Finding Your Original Voice in Your Expressions of Bliss, Love, and Consciousness

We want love because we are love; yearn for happiness and joy because we are bliss. We want to be alive and aware, filled with the pleasures of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch because we are consciousness. You are a glorious mystery -- loving, blissful consciousness experiencing a lifetime through a human body and mind. Listen to your loves and joys, they are the echo of your original voice -- the one that not only remembers being in paradise, but is paradise. Your deepest longings and desires are reminders of who you are, not of what you lack. They are not your shame, but your calling.

A human body and mind living without knowledge of the perfection they carry within can easily become out of balance, their time and energy hijacked -- needs become obsessions, wants becomes addictions. Can you see this happening in your life? When you are aware of your perfection as blissful, loving consciousness you have a better chance of being more balanced and fulfilled, happy and at peace. This is our foundation for a view of life that integrates body, mind, and spirit, but more about this later.

As in our previous exercises (see Intro Blog Post) let's continue getting in touch with who we are through our experience of bliss, love and consciousness.

Exercise: Finding Your Original Voice in Your Expressions of Bliss, Love, and Consciousness

1. How is the bliss you are expressing itself in your life? Is there peace and joy in your life? Are you bringing peace and joy to others? As you experience the ups and downs of life is there still a pervading sense of the goodness of life or one of emptiness?
Simply ask the questions. Don't think about the answers. Listen and make a commitment to acknowledge what you hear within.

2. Next, how is the love you are expressing itself in your life? Are you expressing love and compassion to others? Are you expressing love and compassion for yourself? Are you loving from a point of fullness or is there a sense of loneliness and desperation? Once again, simply ask the questions and make a commitment to acknowledge what you hear.

3. To what extent is your life reflective of the fact that you are consciousness? Are you growing in awareness of your sensory experiences, getting more in touch with your intuitions? Or are you missing your direct experience of being alive, deadening your awareness in one way or another? Are you often preoccupied, caught in the mind's inner chatter, plans and worries, hopping back and forth from past to future, skipping over the fullness of the present moment?

4. And finally imagine all of the answers you gave as a blanket thrown over your shoulders. Feel the weight of your answers for a moment. Now see yourself taking the blanket off your shoulders and throwing it into a fire while saying out loud -- I am radiant, blissful awareness. I am compassionate consciousness, and my time to live is now!

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