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Bob Rosenblatt
Bob Rosenblatt is editor of the website,, dealing with the finances of Social Security, Medicare, pensions, retirement, health insurance and related topics at the intersection of aging and money. He was a Washington correspondent for the Los Angeles Times for 27 years, created the paper's first beat on aging and wrote a column, "Benefits Bob," on these issues. He is a Senior Fellow at the National Academy of Social Insurance, a non-partisan think tank dealing with Social Security, Medicare and related programs. He is a freelance writer, speaker and consultant on these issues.

Entries by Bob Rosenblatt

No Cash, No Delegates for White House Conference on Aging, But They Expect Big Crowds From Social Media

(0) Comments | Posted July 13, 2015 | 4:29 PM

With zero funds to bring delegates to Washington, Monday's White House Conference on Aging will rely on a mixture of tools to spread its message: tweets, questions delivered through Facebook, and "watch" parties in all 50 states.

What it won't have, for the first time since these once-a-decade conventions began...

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Over 65? Check this Big Tax Break for Your Medical Bills

(6) Comments | Posted February 20, 2015 | 12:27 PM

You can get a special tax break to deduct your medical expenses. And they can be a lot more than you realize.

Here are just some of the potentially deductible items: The Part B Medicare premium you pay every month ($104.90 for most people), the Part D premiums you pay...

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Social Security Do-Over: An Interest-Free Loan

(0) Comments | Posted May 12, 2014 | 6:28 PM

Social Security has a do-over rule, a way to collect benefits, yet still give you a chance to change your mind, and wait until you are older to get a bigger monthly retirement payment.

It's something that should be more widely known, especially in these days of economic insecurity for...

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Are you 70 1/2 and ready for IRA withdrawals? Take the Money This Year to Avoid a Big Tax Bite

(0) Comments | Posted December 12, 2013 | 2:20 PM

You have been fortunate enough to pile up savings in your Individual Retirement Account for all those years at work, and it's grown to a tidy sum. At age 70 1/2 , you need to start making withdrawals. Here is some good advice to avoid tax traps.

Remember that you...

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Don't Pay Too Much for Your Medicare Part D Drugs

(0) Comments | Posted December 2, 2013 | 11:18 AM

Don't leave $4,000 a year on the table when you pay for your medications.

That's the value of "Extra Help," a government program for low-income seniors under Part D, Medicare's prescription drug program. More than two million people are eligible, but haven't signed up.

They are paying a lot more...

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7 Tips To Help You Pick The Best Medicare Advantage Plan

(5) Comments | Posted November 22, 2013 | 5:36 AM

This is open enrollment season, running from October 15 to December 7, when you have a chance to choose a Medicare Advantage Plan, the type of coverage selected by about 28% of the 50 million people enrolled in Medicare.

During open enrollment, you can transfer from Original Medicare to a...

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