Barack: Beware of Rove's Trickery

11/16/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Reports of intrigue on the part of Republican political strategists and tricksters have already surfaced.

Given the seriousness of this election and the crucial nature of the choices, we must pause to remind ourselves that we must double our efforts to increase voter turnout, double our efforts to protect the votes, and be on watch for the Election Day tricksters.


1) Polling and pollsters -- We must keep in mind that polls are simply a reflection (snap shot) of the opinions and attitudes of a small segment of the population on any given day that may or may not correctly represent the view of the whole. Circumstances and events could cause a change in opinion almost immediately. Thus, tracking of polls and poll trends is more reliable than depending on the results of one poll taken at one point in time.

2) A Sudden Change of Events -- Karl Rove and his team of political tricksters are the leading tacticians in the John McCain campaign.

Karl Rove gained his infamous reputation as Bush's political strategist brain because of his ability to tap into the lowest denominator of white opinions and attitudes to move them to the polls in opposition to Democratic candidates.

Among his favorite key motivators that instantly mobilized white voters were the issues of guns, gays and God. After 9/11 he added the supreme motivator: the fear of terrorism (the war against terrorism). Elements of these tactics are now being played out in the McCain-Palin campaign with the use of guilt by association. In this case, McCain and Palin have linked Senator Obama with former 1960s radical activist Bill Ayers and wrapped him in the cloth of terrorism by association. By virtue of his knowing Ayers and serving on non-profit boards with him, he is also a terrorist bomb thrower just as Ayers was 40 years ago, when Obama was 8 years old.

While the recent stock market crash and the subsequent world economic crisis has lessened the ability of the Rove tricksters to operate in the exact same manner that they did in past elections, we cannot dismiss this possibility.

We cannot take this election for granted and begin to believe that Senator Obama is already elected. We must fight to the last minute and leave no stones unturned. We must not forget the lessons of the elections of 2000 and 2004!