12/10/2010 12:57 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Everything Counts in the Classroom Environment

Everything in the classroom learning environment will either enhance or detract from learning.

Through our years of research and empowering Quantum Learning environments we've found many key things in the classroom environment that contribute to a more successful student base.

Even in light of the current school overcrowding problems, it's important to give your students the space to think and move.

You need flexible space -- We've found that educators who allow for flexible space for easier movement from individual areas to small groups to large gatherings have a richer learning environment.

You need visual space -- Your classroom should also include open wall space that is set aside for hanging art, photos, affirmations, charts and walls that incorporate whiteboards and visual media. The goal in your classroom is to have a combination of cleanliness and orderliness while allowing for organized chaos.

Use compelling visual images -- The visual component of your environment is also key. As they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words" and when you use visuals in learning situations, something fascinating happens. Using more visual components in your classroom can ignite the neural pathways like fireworks on a clear night. A myriad of connections and associations are launched into consciousness and provide a rich context for new learning.

Keep them looking up -- Content peripherals also can be used to prime the brain for new content and reinforce concepts already learned. We encourage teachers to hang these high in the classrooms to keep students looking up which enables them to access their visual cortex for better visual memory and recall.

Keep live plants in the classroom -- Plants help your classroom grow; plants remove pollutants and purify the air. They also raise the oxygen levels and that can help increase productivity.

Students are empowered by their environments, in the same way that teachers are and the more you make the environment comfortable, safe and engaging the more success you will have with your classroom!