Connie Britton: My High-End Indulgence is Caviar

04/09/2013 06:28 pm ET | Updated Jun 09, 2013

By Hugh Garvey, Bon Appétit


Connie Britton--the scene stealer who y'all-ed her way into our hearts on Friday Night Lights and Nashville--on caviar, Champagne, and, yes, the secret to perfect hair.

First things first. What's in your fridge?
Connie Britton: San Pellegrino, Izze sodas, juices and smoothies and soups from New Leaf Living Foods. For my son, I have tortillas, milk, and cheese. He's obsessed with cheese. I could never call myself vegan.

Sounds pretty balanced. Is eating right a lifelong habit?
CB:: My mother was a dedicated cook, but we did eat out of a lot of cans. One of my favorite dinners was a casserole of ground beef, tomatoes, onions, and Kraft Singles melted on the top. So good.

When did you learn about food beyond casseroles?
CB:: My family used to visit New York to see theater, which helped develop my love for acting--and eating. We'd go to Shun Lee for Chinese food or The Plaza for tea.

What about these days?
CB:: I love the Catbird Seat in Nashville. You sit around the bar and you're watching everything being prepared by the two chefs there.

What's your go-to spot in Los Angeles?
CB:: I love brunch at The Ivy. That bread never fails, that salad never fails, and they have this pink cake I'm obsessed with. And there's the awesome Ivy gimlet.

Did shooting Friday Night Lights in Austin make you a BBQ connoisseur?
CB:: Their barbecue is great, but there are so many joints. The thing I miss most about Austin food is the Tex-Mex.

Ah, yes. Where did you go?
CB:: My first stop was always Guero's, for a fish taco and a Margarita.

What's your high-end indulgence?
CB:: Caviar. I'm a purist about it. No accoutrements. On special occasions, I'll have my best girlfriends come over for a full spread of caviar and Champagne.

Caviar preference?
CB:: We used to eat beluga, but now it's tricky. I love osetra, and we've been trying American caviars.

Bubbly of choice?

CB:: I love rosé Champagne, especially Billecart-Salmon. A bottle of that with a tin of caviar--how can you go wrong?

That's our kind of eating.

CB:: Crisp and clean! And fish eggs are loaded with protein, right?

Speaking of protein, can we talk about your hair? What do you eat to make it so amazing?
CB: Ha! I suppose keeping hydrated helps keep hair shiny...and maybe fish oils? Another thumbs-up for caviar!