06/13/2011 12:48 pm ET | Updated Aug 13, 2011

Anthony Weiner's New Nearly-Nude Crotch-Grabbing Shots In Gym Mean He Should Resign!

Anthony Weiner's nutty decision to snap virtually nude pics of himself clutching his genitals in the Congressional gym, clearly show the man SHOULDN'T be in any position of power.

If the New York Congressman could have judgement this unbalanced -- snapping virtually nude photos of himself, first published by, in the House Members Gym in Washington -- how can he be trusted to make decisions on behalf of his constituents or his country.

This is on top of his reckless decisions to sext and send naked photos to at least five women and to exchange direct messages with at least one underage 17-year-old on Twitter.

His brain is not ALL THERE!! I mean -- is a man who takes photos of himself in the mirror with his Blackberry, basically in his place of work -- with a towel just barely covering his man parts while he groped them -- someone that should be voting on whether we stay at war, raise taxes or ... buy pens.

The guy's got a big addiction problem -- addiction to exhibitionism and the high he gets from having strange women telling him they want to perform dirty deeds with him!

It's a dangerous addiction for someone like Weiner -- totally in the public eye and by the way -- totally married!