Did Kate Hudson Get Consolation Implants to Get Over A-Rod? So Sad!

06/15/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Us Weekly reports that you got a small breast augmentation in late March, but I have to say the chest makeover is very obvious in new photos taken of you in a bikini top.

It's so obvious because Kate, you always seemed so self confident about your tiny perky assets, you never made any attempt to enhance your bust -- in fact you seemed to happily show off your cute boyish chest in plunging evening gowns and adorable little swimsuits. You appeared to have a refreshingly empowered attitude.

So, Kate, what happened? Was this a breakup boob job? Did the failed romance with A-Rod in December so unnerve you that you let insecurities over your body run wild?

If so, that's so sad, Kate. How crummy that a commitment-phobic crumbum like Yankee Alex Rodriguez could make you feel bad enough about yourself that you'd need a plastic surgery picker-upper.

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