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Giuliana Rancic Has Bravely Done a Service for All Women by Sharing Her Breast Cancer Diagnosis!

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Giuliana Rancic admitted that she was "a wreck" sharing her heartbreaking news that she has early stage breast cancer, but she showed great courage in doing it nonetheless.

Great courage because it's never easy to get a cancer diagnosis, especially when you are young and desperately trying to conceive a child. But nevertheless, Giuliana knew that being honest about the trial she is facing will only serve to save the lives of other women, especially young women.

Very few women have mammograms at the age of 36, like Giuliana did, because she was embarking on IVF fertility treatments.

And very few young women really do practice self-examination on a monthly basis. They don't do these things because most women under the age of 40, even under the age of 50, still don't believe that they are at risk for breast cancer.

Unless, they have close family members who have had the disease, most young women don't believe that breast cancer can happen to them. And yet it can.

Celebrities have actually provided shocking and brave examples of that: Christina Applegate was diagnosed at 36, singer Kylie Minogue at 36, the singer Anastacia at 34, and Sex and the City's Cynthia Nixon at 40 -- just to name a few.

Giuliana Rancic has been on a very public quest to get pregnant and she has been refreshingly honest all along the way about her fertility struggles even in her own reality TV series, Giuliana and Bill. Just by doing that, she has been a HUGE role model for women.

Too few women, especially celebrities, feel comfortable being open about their infertility issues.

But Giuliana recently told us here at  that "she was going down that path [of IVF] and until our doctors tell us that's not the path we should go down, we're going to listen to them."

Now Giuliana is smartly listening to her doctors again who've told her that she needs to put her fertility treatment on hold because a pregnancy can accelerate cancer due to hormones that surge during a pregnancy.

Aside from just plain telling the world about her breast cancer diagnosis, Giuliana should also be applauded for being so honest about her reaction to that devastating news.

"It was just a kick in the stomach," she told Today's Ann Curry. " It was like, incredible instant sobbing and the world crashed down on me," she admitted.

Imagine Giuliana's terrible emotional roller coaster. She's already been stressed out, desperately hoping for a baby and now this.
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