05/19/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Hey Men - Don't You Dare Blame Sandra Bullock for Jesse James Cheating!

Men have actually told me today that Sandra Bullock should take part of the blame for Jesse James cheating -- because she left him alone while she filmed her hit movies Blind Side and The Proposal.

I nearly fell over when one of my closest male friends actually said that. I hadn't pegged him for a Neanderthal.

"Men need sex. You can't leave a horny guy like Jesse James alone for months at a time, he'll get up to no good," the friend insisted. "The same thing happened to Elizabeth Edwards and Elin Nordegren -- they let their husbands travel too much by themselves. They shouldn't have allowed their men to be tempted!"

"Sandra Bullock should have known that she wasn't Jesse's normal 'type.' He clearly had been attracted to strippers, porn stars, women with tattoos and implants. She should have known men don't change," another male friend opined to me.

Shockingly, a third male friend snapped that Sandra shared the blame.

"She was probably so engrossed in her career - she was making out with Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal- and then she was campaigning for the Oscar, Jesse felt neglected."

Wow! I felt slapped in the face.

Weirdly, this particular cheating situation seems to have empowered men to actually say what they've probably thought about who's to blame, all along. It must be something about Jesse's obvious bad boy image versus John Edwards' and Tiger Woods' seeming propriety, that set them off.

This surprising male reaction made me start feeling insecure and I wondered if Elizabeth Edwards, Elin Nordegren, Sandra Bullock and I are just naive about what really goes on inside the male brain and umm...nether areas!

After all, haven't social anthropologists decided that men really can't help themselves from straying because they are biologically programmed to spread their seed around, in order to propagate their genes.

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