06/24/2010 11:48 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Bachelor's Jake & Vienna: Has Their Entire Relationship Been A Publicity Stunt?

There are so many things that just don't add up now that there's been this completely public breakup. Here's why -- #1, the breakup has been perfectly optimized for the highest level of possible publicity. Vienna spent the last weekend "shopping her breakup story, even before she supposedly told her fiancé that she was splitting, according to one source. She reportedly earned $90,000 for spilling her salacious kiss and tell to Star magazine , reports PopEater's Rob Shuter.

Then, even though Jake was supposedly "blindsided" by Vienna's revelations to Star, he still was quick enough on his feet to land his own cover story in People magazine, even though he was still in Atlanta shooting his new guest spot on Drop Dead Diva.

I have to ask you all -- if you were breaking up with your fiancé, would your first instinct be to sell the story about your most intimate problems, like your lack of a sex life, to a national magazine? Now keep in mind that Jake isn't accused by Vienna of cheating on her -- so she didn't even have betrayal, as an excuse for her highly public breakup attack on Jake.

Competing cover stories just smells like a setup to me not the real-life pain of a couple who's real-life relationship has fallen apart. More evidence that the whole relationship was a fake -just the fact that celebrity wannabe Jake even chose Vienna. If Jake was seriously looking for true love, like the original Bachelorette Trista Sutter, would he really have considered former Hooters girl/nude landscape calendar model/bikini contest Vienna suitable wife material? Aside from her choice of previous professions, she also had walked out on her first husband, a Marine, while he was serving in Iraq AND she emptied out his bank account! Not exactly evidence of a fine character!

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