Jon Gosselin, Getting Stoned In Front Of The Whole World On Video Is Cruel To Your Kids!

06/09/2010 08:38 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Jon — the newly released home video of you high as a kite that appeared online Tuesday is a cruel and unusual punishment for your kids.

The home video starring you and ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman sounding like babbling fools, hanging out on the balcony of some highly luxurious hotel in St. Tropez, France, last summer makes it clear that the welfare of your eight precious Gosselettes is the last thing on your mind.

The source quoted in the piece that accompanied the video claims that the cigarettes you are smoking in the video are actually “spliffs” -- cigarettes which mix marijuana and tobacco -- and that you were also drunk on champagne.

Honestly, Jon, being stoned is truly the only explanation for the inanity of your comments: “We’re munching on Pringles here in beautiful St. Tropez, eating quality food because every time we eat, we either get swollen boobs or I [expletive] myself,” you grossly complain. Hailey giggles like a hyena throughout the tape, while she reaches under her shirt and feels her own chest. “Police think I’m smuggling drugs under my bra,” she giggles and giggles.

If all of this wasn’t embarrassing enough for 9-year-old twins Cara and Madelyn and 6-year-old sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel to have their friends see (and yes, their friends will see it, Jon) your final piece de resistance was sticking your cigarette up your nose!

Jon, talk about a gigglefest! Your poor little Gosselettes’ friends will really have a field day with that little stoner trick!

And I can tell you who WON’T be laughing after watching this video, Jon — and that’s your ex-wife, Kate!

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