09/15/2010 11:08 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Kate Gosselin Shows She'd Rather Self-Promote Than Parent, With Her Sexy New Bikini Cover on People !

Pity the eight poor little Gosselite children... Their mom takes to national TV to diss their dad, than deserts them on a trip to a luxurious resort to shoot her fab abs. Has she chosen fame over family?

After dissing ex-husband John Gosselin's visitation time with their kids on Regis and Kelly last Friday, Sept. 10, it sure seemed like a pot-calling-the-kettle-black move when Kate boarded a flight later that day headed to the fancy photo shoot in Mexico.

Leaving the eight little Gosselites back in Pennsylvania with the dad she had just criticized, Kate took off with her bodyguard Steve Neild on a four day trip to the luxurious Casa Dorada Resort in Cabo San Lucas. That in itself seemed just a little hypocritical after Kate told an astonished Kelly Ripa and fill-in co-host Anderson Cooper that she was ALWAYS at home while her children visited with their dad... except, she almost whispered, when she was traveling or working.

Am I the only one who thinks it odd that after stirring up an unprovoked storm of media attention for her public Jon lashing, she was irresponsible to get on a plane and leave her ex-husband and kids to deal with the fall out?

The little Gosselites may be young, but they are old enough to hear from their friends that their mommy has just attacked their daddy on national television.

Furthermore, their mommy left them to do a six-page photo shoot and cover story about her newly trim and buffed up bikini body. Plus, their mommy also used People to let the world know that she's looking for "Mister right." "It would be nice if someone noticed me... " she told the world. "There's nobody out there who's come forward, and it's depressing." Where is he? "All I can say to this mystery man is hurray it up," she urges in her interview.