11/29/2011 11:20 am ET | Updated Jan 29, 2012

Miley Cyrus: Calling Yourself a 'Stoner' Is No Joke!

Miley -- whether or not you want to be a role model or not, you can't be a mainstream star if you even joke about smoking too much 'f-----g weed.'

Sorry, Miley, in this world you can't have it all. No one can. You can't be paid millions of dollars and have millions of fans -- most of them who are still teens, or tweens -- and be able to publicly admit you love to get stoned.

You can't even supposedly joke about it. Listen -- whether you were joking about having a Bob Marley cake and smoking too much weed, is beside the point. That's because even joking about it is irresponsible.

You may dislike the fact that you're a public figure who was the star of a Disney hit show, Hannah Montana, for years. You may be trying to shake off the taint of that teen association that made you a huge star. But you cannot shake the fact that the public will hold you to a certain standard of behavior if you choose to stay in the public eye.

If you want to be able to smoke salvia in a bong, or talk about being a stoner,and not face criticism , then quit acting in movies and go to college, party hearty like many other 19 year olds and hopefully get a real education to go along with your hangovers. You can't have your cake and eat it too.

But if you want to continue to get to star in A-list movies, the reality of the world today is that you need to grow up and behave responsibly. You can't even joke about being stoned.

You still are starring in films for teens and young adults. You aren't starring in The Hangover.

Your fans are still young and the last thing they and their parents will appreciate is the spector of you, turning into Lindsay Lohan.

Miley -- you may be out of touch with the real world today where most young people are struggling for the opportunities you seem happy to throw away. It's harder to get into college. It's hugely harder to pay for college. And then it's horrendously hard to get a great job or career after college today.

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